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Coming Home

PABWECG (aka Patricia)

Coming Home


PG-13 to NC-17

Luke/Reid, Luke/Noah, Lily/Holden, Katie, Bob, assorted little people, possibly others
Warnings: None really, except some Nuke intimacy

Luke and Noah moved to L.A. in the Summer of 2009 for Noah to do his last year of school with an internship of sorts (no Mason, no blindness, etc. Everything else in their history has happened).

Reid arrived, temporarily, at Memorial in August 2010. It’s now October 2010. Luke is 22, Ethan is 6.


Luke woke in his childhood room at the farm, and felt a sense of peace that he hadn’t realized he had been missing. Pulling on a t-shirt and jeans, he wandered down into the empty kitchen.

As a child this room had always so often been full of people and drama, both good and bad. This morning it was empty, everyone off doing something to prepare for the wedding.

His parents were getting married,

. Luke had mixed feelings about this, but he had to admit, he was mostly happy about it.

For all their ups and downs, and immaturity, Lily and Holden always seemed most happy when they were together.

Luke only hoped that this time they would finally figure out how to grow up and really commit to each other, that they could settle into and trust the happiness that they gave each other.

What was different for

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