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Comfort Only

Diaval, in his human form, was following Maleficent through the thick forest of the Moors. He raised an eyebrow as his mistress stumbled without any reason.

He only knew her since three months, but he had noticed how strange she’s been acting, lately.

First, she changed him back into his beautiful raven self less and less often after his reports.

Then, she was always wincing, which wasn’t really extraordinary of her, but she at least used to smile when he was making a fool of himself or roll her eyes when he was trying to joke around.

Now the only feature that crossed her face was this pain-contorted expression. He wondered if she was all right, but he quickly remembered she was the most powerful magical being of the Moors.

What on earth would be able to break her, seriously?

He raised his head as she tripped over something again. Usually, he was the one with the most trouble to walk. He still didn’t like that much those long and heavy legs.

Why didn’t she want to change him back into a raven, anyway? He sighed.

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