Come The Dawn
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A short story by guardian_of_hope posted on commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Come The Dawn

The Witch laughed victoriously as Shane’s Key fell to the ground.

“There’s nothing sadder than premature celebration,” Troy announced as he dropped out of one of the trees.

“What?”  The Witch shrieked.

“Hey lady, volume,” Jake said as he came casually strolling around the tree to stand beside Troy.

“This is impossible!”  The Witch said.

“We’re Power Rangers,” Noah said as he stepped up beside Jake.  He pushed his glasses back into place, “Statistically speaking, this is what we do.”

“But I captured all of them,” the Witch said.  She looked stunned, confused, and deeply troubled.

“Who?  The Earthian Rangers?”  Gia asked as she stepped up on Troy’s other side.

“Funny thing,” Emma said as she followed Gia, “we’re not on the rolls yet, at least on Eltare.”

“Shane and Carter formally acknowledged us about two weeks ago,” Troy said, “we’ve been around for months though, just… busy.”

“No matter,” the Witch said and lifted her hand.

“Go, go Megaforce,” the team shouted.  “Metallic Armor activate.”

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