Come Inside My Parlor
Come Inside My Parlor sandman/peter parker stories

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Come Inside My Parlor

Penny Parker, Spidergirl and 17 years old, inhaled sharply, having woken up feeling…hot that day. She'd tried to cool herself off, mostly by splashing cold water on herself.

Nothing seemed to be working though, and it only seemed to be getting worse.

She started noticing things she shouldn't be either. Like how she was suddenly noticing the muscles of the guys around her, or how she felt strange as she trained with them.

Or how there was a weird, tight coil in her belly that kept tightening. She had also, embarrassingly, caught herself staring at the others several times.

"You okay?" Harry Osborn, her best friend, nudged her gently, the face plate of his Patrioteer armor up while they rested from training.

She swallowed heavily and gave him a small smile.


But she couldn't help noticing the almost pretty face Harry had, or the way his lips looked so soft.


She made a strangled noise in her throat and stood up abruptly.

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