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A short story by endorathewitch posted on commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Come Down To Me

Constantly looking behind her was making flying quickly difficult.

She hated to admit she was worried about getting caught, though the chances of that happening were next to nothing at the present moment.

Everyone at the camp was asleep and it was early enough that no one would be awake for a while.

Their group of fairies was traveling through the Dark Forest on their way to meet with the fairy kingdom that bordered the other side of the Dark Forest, where her betrothed lived,

the famously handsome Prince Roland Knight.

Marianne and Prince Roland had been engaged since they were children and now that they both were well past the age where they were old enough to marry, the two were finally going to meet.

Part of the issue with their not meeting all these years were the dangers that lurked in the Dark Forest. It was populated by all sorts of unsavory types.

At least that was what she had heard growing up. Wild goblins, trickster spirits, dark riders, kelpies, ghausts and any number of other wicked things.

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