Come A Little Closer
Come A Little Closer teen wolf (tv) stories

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written piece by writingawaymylife adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Come A Little Closer

Jackson gently nudged Isaac's shoulder. "Lahey wake up." Isaac groaned a little before opening his eyes. "What's wrong Jacks?" Jackson nodded over to the door of the cell block.

"They're coming."

Isaac swallowed before shifting closer to Jackson, or as close as he could with his ankle shackles.

Jackson reached for his hand and Isaac took it squeezing softly as they waited to see who would come in today to look at them, maybe take them into one of the private rooms or maybe...

maybe today was the day one of them would be purchased.

"I'm not ready Isaac." Isaac swallowed as he looked over at the other boy.

"We just have to make it through today Jackson. Just get through today first."

"Peter how can you say this is the place? There are about ten other slave dealers in the town what makes you so sure what we want is in there?"

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