Colors - Yevtushenko
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When your face came rising above my crumpled life,
Source: steppen-wolf

Colors - Yevtushenko

by steppen-wolf

When your face came rising

above my crumpled life,

the only thing I understood at first

was how meager were all my possessions.

But your face cast a peculiar glow

on forests, seas, and rivers,

initiating into the colors of the world

uninitiated me.

I’m so afraid, I’m so afraid,

the unexpected dawn might end,

ending the discoveries, tears, and raptures,

but I refuse to fight this fear.

This fear--I understand--

is love itself. I cherish this fear,

not knowing how to cherish,

I, careless guardian of my love.

This fear has ringed me tightly.

These moments are so brief, I know,

and, for me, the colors will disappear

when once your face has set...

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