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Color My World

Kirishima Kei pulls up to the curb, slides the gearshift to park, and sets the parking brake. He slips out of the driver's seat and opens the back door, bowing as the two passengers exit.

"Goodnight, Asami-sama," he says, holding his bow until the pair have walked past the doorman and entered the building.

As he rises from his bow, his ears catch the familiar hum of a motorcycle.

He looks across the street and observes the rider pull up to the opposite curb and watch the pair through the lobby windows as they wait for the elevator. Kirishima notes the license plate.

He doesn't have to consult his tablet to know that it's the same rider who has observed the pair three times in the past week.

Today, though, the rider takes his helmet off and wipes beneath his eyes. As he puts the helmet back on, Kirishima slips back into the BMW and puts the car into gear.

He pulls out into traffic, quickly accelerating and shifting smoothly into the flow of the middle lane.

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