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Thunder boomed in the distance as the sky darkened, threatening the storm that was to come. Reid looked worried as he glanced out the window. This storm could pose a problem for them.

It could wash away all the evidence from the newest crime scene. Of course at the rate they were going it wouldn't’ really matter.

So far he and his team had been unable to find any clues as to who the killer was. Cause of death was the only information they had, and it was complete blood loss.

Yet the only markings left on the deceased were two small holes on their necks. This unsub wasn’t even consistent with the kills they were making.

The never stuck to any one race, gender, age, and even sexuality. So it wasn’t like they could build a profile off of that. At least not a very clear one.

After seeing lightning light up the sky he turned away from the window and focused on his team. The BAU. Behavior Analysts Unit.

They were some of the best and brightest, but yet this case was proving extremely difficult.

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