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written piece by lilly_c posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


I had a dad, I had a mom/ I had a family,

don't know what went wrong/ I watched them helpless as their blood turned sour/ Wanted to scream for them but had to stand in silence/ All that I wanted to know is where'd everyone else go?

Thinking this might last/ How could I be so stupid?/ But this time/ I'm not OK, no/ I need to breathe again

Remember the feelings/ Remember the day/ My stone heart was breaking/ My love ran away/ This moment I knew I would be someone else/ My love turned around and I fell

It`s Just you and me/ On my island of hope/ A breath between us could be miles/ Let me surround you/ My sea to your shore/ Let me be the calm you seek

And all the things that you never ever told me/ And all the smiles that are ever ever/ Ever/ Get the feeling that you're never/ All alone and I remember now

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