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fanfic by conflagration adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

College Avengers

The distant patter of water on tile mixed with the beats of Kendrick Lamar playing over the speakers. Luke laid on the soft cotton of Danny's king sized bed.

Scrolling through his Instagram, waiting for Danny to finish his shower. Refreshing his page for the third time, Luke sat up actually taking notice of Danny’s room.

The head of the bed rested against the emerald green accent wall, the comforters were gray with matching gray and green pillows.

Luke snorted to himself remembering how much Danny liked the color green. Across from the bed was a sleek black dresser with a floating mirror the same width above it.

Danny’s room was a modern Spartan with splashes of green. His room was very neat so on his dresser was a pile of books for his college courses and a tiara. Or what looked like a tiara.

With a groan Luke got off of the soft mattress to look more closely at the silver band. It was a simple in design with a small triangle dip that would be placed in the middle of the forehead.

Several thoughts went through his head about why Danny would have this in his room, but that was second seat to his main thought of wanting to put it on.

Luke looked around making sure nobody would notice him picking the tiara up.

He wasn’t worried about being accused of stealing, he and Danny are close and they share nearly everything with each other, he just didn't want to get caught trying it on.

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