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Coffee, Comics, and Knives

Gerard was a creature of habit.

Whenever he went on tour he brought the same things; somehow managed the same sleep schedule; all the shows followed the same basic pattern; smoked the same number of cigarettes a day; drank

the same amount of coffee; hell, he asked how each member of his band was twice a day. When he was at home his patterns were slightly different yet still consistent.

He’d wake up, get dressed, go to Starbucks to get coffee and sketch for a bit, and then either he’d head home for the day or to the recording studio to work on the next album.

His habits helped his world maintain stability and he always remembered the details of each activity.

For instance, when he came into Starbucks each morning, he always knew the employee working and always made sure he probably introduced himself to the newbies.

He knew most of the regulars faces and could tell you their orders by heart.

He always greeted Rachel when she entered the shop before she went off to get her coffee before retreating to the back corner to work on her college papers. Mr.

Roberts came in Tuesday and Friday to get coffee for himself and his assistant and spoke to Gerard as he waited.

His assistant would come in every Wednesday and Thursday to retrieve the same order, only sparing Gerard a polite smile.

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