Coffee Break
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A fiction by soul_light_ (mnjamison) adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Coffee Break

He was waiting in line to grab a cup of coffee. This was a morning ritual for him, considering the fact that he would never be a morning person.

Usually his morning coffee run was a mundane experience, but today things were not going to plan.

The line was longer than normal, and everybody in front of him seemed to have complicated orders. He had class in half an hour, and he couldn’t be late. Yagami Light, was never late.

He had a reputation to keep up.

Slowly the line inched forward, until he was two people away from a cup of steaming hot coffee. When he finally reached the counter, he was greeted by an odd looking barista.

A man with an unhealthy pale, prominent eye bags, and a posture which made Light cringe. His face was framed by wild black hair, which looked like it hadn’t been cut in a while.

Light tried not to gawk, as the man stared at him with dark, unblinking eyes.

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