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A fiction by cana_banana posted on commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


[Contains no spoilers, takes place in Season 1! Feat. Jody being a cutie, kids, plastic spoons and Simon being an ass, as he is :'D Enjoy!

Dedicated to my darling friend Trine, who as one of the few of my buds actually play the game with me and listens to my relentless talks about it <3]


Well, a feast was so much said, but given the circumstances, spam, canned beans and pasta packets could offer quite the meal.

Jody even managed to find some, albeit very dry, bread that miraculously had not grown mold and you really weren’t interested in what chemicals had been added for that to be avoided.

You push another can of old meat into your backpack and it’s near cracking, so you decide to zip it up.

These stocks of food has been hidden from you until now and even if it hadn’t,

it would have been impossible to get to – But some of the other runners discovered it by chance and after a larger operations of distractions and interference,

you and Runner 4 managed to get inside to hurriedly take everything you can.

Read the rest via the link in the description!

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