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short story by poegurt adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


Blue Jones, head orderly at Lennox House for the mentally insane, has a fantasy of being dominated.

He has a craving, a want, a need for being punished and degraded and humiliated and used, and when he first meets you he knows, just by the way you look at him,

that he's found the one to fulfill his filthiest dreams.

Drunk one night he sends you, the new orderly on the block, a very detailed text message of all the things he wants done to him.

Reading the text you feel a tingle in your gut that makes its way down to your pussy and slowly builds to a strong throb.

You feel as if your heart is in your pants and you've just run five miles.

You started the job less than a week ago and had very limited time to talk to Blue and yet you want him completely and you're going to make him crave you too.

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