Cloudy Skies and Ruthless Thoughts
Cloudy Skies and Ruthless Thoughts flooding stories

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A fiction by psyencefiction adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Cloudy Skies and Ruthless Thoughts

A bolt of lightening tore through the fabric of the foggy night sky, sheets of rain slicing through the soggy skies. Thor awakened. Trees bending and cowering in the hurricane like wind.

Traffic was on standstill, horns honking and cars skidding around the flooded roads echoed across the city.

The roads on the outskirts were dense with collecting muddy water, closed off to public now by traffic wardens and hazard safety crews. The worst storm New York had experienced in a decade.

Amaris clogged along through the sour bitter winds, lucky enough to take the morning weather reports seriously and pack her weather proof- or so the stores pitches boasted- clothes.

She’d just left work for the evening, a fairly normal and somewhat dull job but it got her by, paid the bills, put food on the table and kept a roof over her head; that’s all she needed right?

Over her brown and grey office like attire she wore waterproofed slacks, wellington boots and a well insulated winter’s jacket. Along with a hood she kept strapped up tight.

Cracks and whips lit the angry skies like fireworks, only more frightening, more realistically fear-wrenching for the dwellers of New York city.

She clutched up her handbag and trod on, avoiding the more serenly misleading puddles and jumping over abyss like ones collecting in the shoddy pavements.

The government never paid for new roads to be laid, no money came out of their pocket for the safety of all residents,

especially in this weather where the most innocent of puddles could in fact be a bottomless pit of grit and grime, maybe a dead rat if that someone was unfortunate enough.

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