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Close Shave

Close Shave

“Psst.” Pavel leaned around the partition dividing his stall from Hank’s in the locker room to hiss in Hank’s ear. “I have question for you.”

“Maybe I have an answer.” Hank offered a slightly enigmatic smile. “Depends on the question, Pav.”

“That what they all say.” Pavel heaved an exaggerated sigh, and then observed, tone soft as a feather, “You not have collar on.”

“That’s not a question,” pointed out Hank, because that was the easiest answer.

Pavel rolled his eyes, and pressed, “Why you no have collar when Stevie should got you one by now?”

“I don’t like collars.” Not wishing to go into the history behind his aversion to collars, Hank shrugged. “Steve doesn’t want to force me into anything I don’t like.”

“You not have to have collar.” Pavel fiddled with his cross necklace, which Hank remembered Steve telling him was Pavel’s equivalent to a collar from Brett.

“Should have something from you master to mark you as his. Some symbol that say you belong to him. He owe you that.”

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