Close Encounters of the Fictional Kind
Close Encounters of the Fictional Kind supernatural stories

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Close Encounters of the Fictional Kind

Elise and Marie were sitting in Elise's apartment bedroom. Marie, sitting on the bed furrowed her brow at her Spanish book.

Elise was concentrating on a Power Point presentation due the next day. Out of the corner of her eye, Marie saw the glinting of crystal balls twirling in a gloved hand.

"What the hell?" she asked.

Elise looked up to see the Goblin King sitting in the chair across from the bed. She smirked, "Oh yeah, didn't I tell you he's been hanging around here lately?"

Marie sighed, "Yes, but I thought this was suppose to be just us studying."

"You expect me to care about your trivial studies?" the King asked still twirling the crystals.

"I expect you to care about hers at least," Marie said pointing at Elise.

"I do care about my scribe," the King replied. "However there are urgent plot devices I must discuss with her."

"Oh no, I have a presentation due tomorrow and 100 pages to read still tonight," Elise said shaking her head.

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