climbed a mountain (and never came back)
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A short story by helloshepard posted on commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

climbed a mountain (and never came back)

“Soundwave.” Claws shook his shoulders.

It hurt. Perhaps the mech was trying to be gentle—


trying not to brush open wounds, but it still hurt. “Soundwave. Respond.”

He forced his optics online, blinking out shards of visor.

A Decepticon stood above him. Energon stained his chest, nearly obscuring the red sigil. Beside him was another mech, similarly covered in fluid.

They were both familiar…and yet…Soundwave could not place them. He began to scan for the correct communications frequency.

If this was a rescue party—

they needed to know that Ratchet was coming back.

The confusion must have registered on his face because the Decepticon leaned forward, coming into focus just a bit better.

“He can’t.” The second Decepticon pushed past the first, thick digits indelicately prodding his throat. “Voicebox has been…stabbed, I think. Knock Out’ll need to handle this one.”

The first Decepticon snarled, then slammed his fist against the wall. Soundwave flinched, but continued his scans.

“Contact Knock Out and Starscream. We need a bridge.”

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