Cleric and Senseoffender in one
Cleric and Senseoffender in one john preston stories

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A written piece by timelady31 adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Cleric and Senseoffender in one

Cleric Wehner was one of the many to enforce the Laws of „Father" but she had a few unique Sites that no one yet had discovered or so she thought: She did not take the Drug and managed

very good to disguise it, she was the only female Cleric since Libria started and she was still that good as her male Colleges.

She was at the Moment assigned as Partner of Cleric Preston who was to be believed the best Cleric that Libria had to offer and she was much honored to be with him.

Little did she know that he also was since a few Days off the Dose but like her, was able to make every one believe he was still taking it.

Of course she had the same Dress Suit on as he had but she had different Shoes which you would not see normal as the Legs of the Trousers went right down: She had black Overknee Boots on

which were made out of PVC and as such shiny.

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