Clean Slate J dog X deuce Hollywood Undead (Reworked)
Clean Slate J dog X deuce Hollywood Undead (Reworked) danny (hollywood undead) stories

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Clean Slate J dog X deuce Hollywood Undead (Reworked)

Another night of thousands of fans screaming in amazement told the six undead musicians it was once again an incredible performance they put on for their loyal listeners.

Slipping backstage, the exhausted vocalist removed his mask now coated with sweat.

As much as Jorel just wanted to wash his face and hit the bunk, the crew still had adoring fans just dying to get an autograph or a picture for their Instagram to show off to their friends.

Any other night he would have been stoked but, it was October. Around this month, six years ago, he voted the love of his life out of the band they had worked so hard to create.

They say time heals but, the guilt was always there.

“Oh my god. I’ve been listening to you guys since I was like, 13.” A girl with a backstage pass hanging around her neck gasped.

Danny put the cap back on the sharpie after signing his signature name on a poster. “Well without you guys, we wouldn’t be able to make this happen,” the Puerto Rican said casually.

The super fan gave Danny a tight hug before scampering off to her group of friends.

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