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Clean Break

I’m pretty sure that the two years I’ve been with Connor and Murphy are enough to have made me co-dependent. Or...I guess that would be tri-dependent in this case.

Either way, day-to-day existence without those two jackasses has become increasingly difficulty for me. Absence and distance definitely make the heart grow fonder.

Well, the heart and other body parts.

I have been having the time of my life in New York, meeting people and learning more about my new job than I thought possible.

I get a whole week with Jen acclimatizing me to our facilities in the city and introducing me to the people who are going to be training me alongside the other people

who received similar promotions from other facilities around the world.

She shows me around the neighborhood where my hotel is located and even takes me to a few tourist spots where I’d always wanted to go.

Little Italy is absolutely gorgeous, and Jen and I even find a little hole-in-the wall that has a pignolata almost as good as where Rocco and I go.

I nearly swoon when she takes me to the Cloisters, and I love every inch of Central Park that I come across.

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