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Claw Crane Machine

“Awww! That’s cute!” Mayim suddenly squealed as they strolled around the carnival.

Jim looked to where she was looking at and saw the crane machine filled with fat pig stuff toys.

“Yeah.” He agreed and found the pigs cute too.

They walked towards the claw machine and Mayim gave it a try to hook in one but she wasn’t lucky enough even if she tried it for over five times.

“This machine is so unfair! The grip of the claw is too weak!” She complained. “But the pigs are really cute!” She said sweetly looking so fascinated by the pig stuff toys.

Jim found her so sweet. “Let me try it.” He asked. She moved away and allowed him to place he token on to give it a try.

He failed at his first attempt so he had to take another. Mayim couldn’t help but cheer whenever he presses the grip button.

“Come on! Come on! Come on!” She cheered as the claw went down. “Oh my- Oh my God it’s in!!!!!” She squealed in excitement as one of the stuff toys got caught.

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