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written piece by pixiedust291 adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


“I’ll take him.”

“Captain, maybe you wish to choose another pet?” The auctioneer was a small little chirping creature. He spoke in a broken pattern of two different languages.

Khan’s translator, luckily, supplied him with the seamless conversion into English. “This one is not yet properly trained as you can see.” His pleas went completely unheard.

Khan’s gaze did not waver from the man currently tied up and on display through the thick pane of glass. He was naked, human, and of a healthy weight and build.

His musculature was within average parameters. His wrists were bound high above his head which caused him to stand on his tiptoes in a straining position.

A blindfold covered his eyes and a bit of leather was effectively stopping him from speaking. His hair was what Khan took particular note of. It was a short brownish red color.

Due to the red haired allele being the most recessive hair color it had been deemed ‘unworthy’ long ago by the scientists who had created his people.

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