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A written piece by evermoriver adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

City lights

When he had moved to Tokyo he wasn’t sure what he had expected. Definitely the hustle bustle and bright lights. The enchanting sights, the interesting people, the

. It was exciting and new. There was so much to discover, so much to see that it took his breath away.

It was intense and lively and it made him feel as if he was going through a caffeine rush without the caffeine.

Of course most of his enthusiasm stemmed from the fact that he had never been out of his small town before and here he was.

Moving to the city.

Well not entirely alone, he was going to be living with some reliable people from the university he was going to attend; A fresh start- a new beginning. A chance to meet new people.

New opportunities. It all excited him.

Hideyoshi Nagachika was someone who considered himself simple when it came to tastes.

He didn’t keep high expectations and tried to stay optimistic through life, helping anyone that needed help, being kind to everyone, helping old ladies cross the road.

With his outgoing personality he was usually quite popular, more often than not the life of the party.

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