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City Birds

The city is dangerous at night. That’s why Sans and his brother, Papyrus, decided to take a vacation from their job as Police Officers.

They moved to New York from Ireland, because it wasn’t to their liking. They wanted something that felt like Snowdin.

So, they lived in a small town that wasn’t as crowded, but they drive into the city every day to go to work.

Papyrus was a detective, and Sans was your regular policeman (or monster), patrolling the streets, watching for suspicious activity.

They both really enjoyed their jobs. Papyrus, who was lazy, liked to sit at his desk researching his suspects.

Sans, on the other hand, was always on some kind of mission and was hardly ever at the precinct. He had convinced their boss to let him help his brother with anything he needed.

You technically call them partners (Papyrus likes saying ‘partners in crime’ to which Sans groaned every time), but Sans still patrolled even when Papyrus was out investigating a crime scene.

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