CIRCLE II: Between The Cracks
CIRCLE II: Between The Cracks dcu stories

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CIRCLE II: Between The Cracks

It says something about Gotham's city planners that even her most ancient streets don't flood when the hurricanes and nor'easters and extreme weather comes knocking. Not that

is that kind of thing.

Its just...unseasonably wet. Yeah. That's one way to describe it.

Truthfully, its been raining for days.

It's the kind of wet where people give up on the idea of staying inside (and dry) and venture out anyway.

A few brave souls even go without the umbrella; they're also fool-hardy, because the next few days are inevitably spent finding wet things in odd places. Or shivering. One thing this rain is

is warm.

It is also, at least, not snow.

Snow is always worse than rain. Rain, at least, can be dealt with, with boots and umbrellas and raincoats.

Snow brings everything to a halt. Snow keeps people cooped up in houses. Snow makes people look out of their windows. Even worse, people spend time

in the snow. More to the point, snow makes people

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