Chuck Verses The Cruise
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short story by thesingingcynic adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Chuck Verses The Cruise

He knocked on Casey’s door and Sarah opened it. Casey was in the centre of the room, arms folded and talking to the TV screen.

“Good evening team Bartowski.”

Chuck smiled; he loved it when she said that. Casey tutted at the stupid grin.

“We have a mission that requires the intersect. This, is the Royal Albert, a luxury cruise liner. We have reason to believe that this man-”

Beckman flashed the picture up.

Chuck flashed. “Antonio Matís. Multi-billionaire. International waters trader.” Chuck started listing off the extensive list of illegal trade. Before he was interrupted.

“-Exactly Chuck. Mr. Matís, unfortunately, had his ship registered in Somalia meaning our laws can’t touch him in international waters.

The cruise will travel for the trade and return under a front of a couples retreats.”

“So you want Sarah and I to-“

“Not quite, Chuck. You will be accompanying Casey as a couple and Sarah will be posing as a stewardess. It is a how do I say, specialised retreat, strictly for gay couples.”

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