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fan work by sky_fish adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


In the beginning, Ninomiya Kazunari assumed that this day in his office would be as ordinary as the day before, the day before, and all the other days of the past months.

He was working for about four years in this quite ordinary company now and his daily routine never really changed.


maybe except from when he switched from his coffee phase to his tea phase a few weeks ago (for living a bit more healthy) and switched back only a few days later to

his normal coffee consumption because work without caffeine was just unbearable most of the time.

Nino, as he was called by his friends as well as the people in the office (except from his boss), was working there as a professional for IT matters.

He was in charge of the whole technology used in the company like setting up the newest hard- and software as standards for all the employees,

solving computer problems and fixing printers and other machines when they did not work properly. Usually, his work wasn't too difficult.

Most of the problems with the printers turned out just to be just paper jam,

on the contrary not refilled paper or accidentally switched off machines because of clumsy secretaries - nothing special – and for the computer problems, well, Nino was pretty good in his job.

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