Chronos (Dropped)
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A fan work by ahkr adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Chronos (Dropped)

"Mom! Dad!" he screamed as he looked at his parents beyond the great fire that was engulfing their home.

"Stay away!" his father yelled as he looked over at his son holding his unconscious daughter.

His son was only 7 years old and his daughter was only 4, while his wife was holding both their children to protect them while making sure to stay away from the fire around them.

He can see the fear and confusion in his son's eyes as he looked at him.

He looked towards the source of the explosion and saw the Imperial Guards charge through.

He grabbed his wife and children and ran to a room he made in the event where the situation he was in at the moment would happen.

In the distance, he can hear the sounds of the Imperial Guard's armor clanking as they marched towards him and his family.

He knew it would take time for all of them to hide,

so he grabbed a hold of his children and put them in the room while he and his wife stayed outside to distract the guards in order for them to stay safe and hide.

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