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Christmas Love

Amy was released two weeks before Christmas, charming all the nurses with her eagerness to be out by the holiday.

“Me and Philip are going to decorate our house when I get home and make a whole batch of caramel apples!

” Kieren could hear from down the hall a second before Amy appeared around the corner, accompanied by a nurse who was smiling and nodding along to her chattering.

“Only one apple Amy.” Philip answered, Kieren watching as her eyes snapped to him when she heard his voice.

There was a moment of her staring at them, all here for her release day: Philip, Simon, himself Kieren, his Mum and Dad, Jem, and Philip’s mom Shirley, before her face lit up with ecstasy.

“Oh Philip!” She screeched, eyes overflowing with tears as he smiled tenderly at her before he hugged her tight.

Everyone hugged her but she refused to let go of Kieren’s arm (which he can’t say he minded at all) or Philip’s hand other than when she signed her release papers.

Even in the car ride she demanded that he and Philip sit in the back with her. It didn’t take but a nudge from Shirley to have Amy happily regale them with her hospital adventure.

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