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Experiment codename : Claustrum. Subject in place. Countdown to Day 0 begins.
By wolfreakm


by wolfreakm

Experiment codename : Claustrum.

Subject in place. Countdown to Day 0 begins.

Day 10 : Subject is awake and appears confused. Looks around the round closed room.Starts shouting and demands to be let out.After few hours settles down out of exhaustion.

Starts shouting again when food is dropped from a small duct on the wall.

Day 9 : Subject shouts continuously.Mouths expletives endlessly. Bangs on the circular walls.Intensity increases when food is dropped, similar to yesterday.

Subject doesn't notice anything different from yesterday.

Day 8 : Subject tries to reason.Demands to talk to the person in-charge.Then starts mouthing expletives again.Refuses to eat food. Cries for two hours.

Stares at the roof for a second but still notices nothing.

Day 7 : Keeps walking in circles all day knocking on the circular walls. Apparently trying to find a weak spot in the walls.

Day 6: Subject wakes up. Stands and bangs head on the ceiling. Touches the ceiling slowly and keeps staring at it for 5 minutes. Then shouts with all strength.keeps shouting.

Punches the wall. Subject has understood the situation.Doesn't sleep all night.Keeps staring at the ceiling.

Day 5 : Subject gets up slowly and tries to stand.Not able to stand upright.Has to hunch and bend knees to adjust.Subject keeps repeating "please no.. God" for three hours.

Tries to push the ceiling up. Repeatedly begs to be let out.

Day 4 : Subject looks lost. Starts talking to the ceiling. Circles the room on all fours. Time to start the final experiment.

A pistol is dropped through the food duct.

Subject has 3 days to decide...

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