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Those words were still in her mind.

She wanted to forget those words. Everything was so perfect between them before. She was filled with hope and dreams. She was sure she had finally found the right man.

And then, he had to go and tell her he was a cop.

A cop.

An undercover cop.

Someone who came into her family with full intentions of betraying them. Her family had accepted him—

him with open arms. They had told him information they wouldn't have shared with other people. They

him. But, he wasn't someone they should've trusted. He was someone that was getting whatever information he could to catch them.

He wanted to arrest them—to send Dom and the others back to prison. He wanted to destroy her family.

And, yet, here he was. Kneeling beside her, doing whatever he could to save Vince.

Brian had jumped to a moving truck to save him—to save the man who had accused him of being a cop since the very beginning (and had actually been right, but that is beside the point),

who would've taken any chance to get rid of him.

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