Child's Play 7: You'll Be In My Heart
Child's Play 7:  You'll Be In My Heart alcmene stories

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Child's Play 7: You'll Be In My Heart

Alcmene looked up from the roses she was tending as she heard the approach of a vehicle down the road.   Shielding her eyes from the sun's glare, she made out the form of the royal coach.

"Jason!  They're here!" she called as she headed for the gate.

The former Argonaut came out onto the porch just as the coach pulled to a halt.

He headed down the path and smiled as the door of the carriage opened and a small golden blur flew out into Alcmene's waiting arms with a cry of "Nana!"

A small gasp escaped Alcmene's lips, which quickly turned to a surprised laugh, as she tried to maintain her balance.

Iolaus buried his face in her neck as his arms and legs wrapped tightly around her.  She rained kisses in his golden curls as she returned the embrace.

"Iolaus," her son's amused voice preceded him out of the coach.  "I think Nana would like to breathe."

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