Children of the Prophecy (English version)
Children of the Prophecy (English version) makinami mari illustrious stories

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Children of the Prophecy (English version)

Oh I am growing tired

Of allowing you to steal

Everything I have

You're making me feel

Like I was born to service you

But I am growing by the hour

You left us far behind

So we all discard our souls

And blaze through your skies

So unafraid to die

'Cause I was born to destroy you

And I am growing by the hour

And getting strong in every way

You led me on

The music that could occasionally be heard from that spacious manor no longer surprised anyone;

Every day, if not always at the same time, someone in there would play a western Cello for about half an hour.

The manor was large enough,

being the property of a man who earned his living as a private teacher for the children of rich parents; The neighbors wouldn't have heard it unless they happened to be in the right corner

of their Garden at the right time, and even then, only if they were listening closely enough.

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