Children of the Force
Children of the Force ezra bridger stories

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Children of the Force

Packed into the small turbolift with several other members of Fulcrum's network and a few Republic troopers, Kanan felt like he couldn't breathe.

He could feel Janus’ eyes boring into his back, not moving even as the turbolift beeped at every floor passed.

Beside him, Zeb was nearly vibrating with curiosity, despite staring straight ahead with military focus.

Chopper kept burbling quietly to himself, but his head kept swiveling between Kanan and the other rebel.

Even the others that had been brought along in this final sweep of the captured star destroyer could feel the tension in the air, making the lift as quiet as if they were in vacuum.

It made Kanan glad that they had left Sabine in one of the upper levels; if she was here,

she would have undoubtedly already begun to dig into why a member of another cell were so interested in Kanan. And that was a question that he wasn't ready to answer.

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