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Child of Mine

Film Brain was humming a familiar cartoon theme song and finishing the task of combining his movie collection with Critic's, which had required no less than four bookcases to accommodate it all,

when he heard the chime of the doorbell.

"Critic! They're here!"

Sliding the last Don Bluth DVD into place, Film Brain ran a hand through his hair before he hurried over toward the front door and pulled it open,

beaming at the guests who stood on the other side.

"Hello! We're so glad you could make it!" He quickly directed his beam at the tiny bundle wrapped in a blanket bearing the image of Sesame Street's resident numerophiliac, Count Von Count.

"And this must be little Grey! Aw, he's adorable!"

"Yeah, we think he's pretty neat," Paw said with a chuckle before he and Maven entered Critic's home.

"He's better than neat, he's wonderful!" Film Brain exclaimed as he led the new parents into the study, where snacks and beverages were already laid out on the table for them.

"I just know Critic will be as delighted as to see him as I am!"

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