Cherry and the Great Mouse Detective
Cherry and the Great Mouse Detective david dawson stories

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Cherry and the Great Mouse Detective

"I never been to a fair that wasn't in my hometown..." Cherry smiled to Katie, they were going to have a good time tonight with fun, games, and rides.

"Do you guys have cotton candy and giant teddy bears?"

"Yeah, of course we do, Nee-Bear... You think we're uncivilized?" Katie says, joking at the question.

Cherry chuckled as they walked along the fairground as she played with the band around her wrist.

"I usually go on the ferris wheel first, but if you have somewhere specific you want to go, we can..."

"Can we go and check out Madame Serim's fortune-telling booth?" Katie asks, grinning.

Cherry looked over, shrugging. "Why not?" she smiled a bit. "I saw a psychic once at Ripley's Believe it or Not... She was an animatronic named Zelda."

Katie giggled at the thought of animatronics. She then led Cherry off into the gypsy's tent.

Madame Serim sat at her crystal ball. Cherry and Katie walked in.

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