Cherry and Atticus Go to Gravity Falls
Cherry and Atticus Go to Gravity Falls waddles (gravity falls) stories

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Cherry and Atticus Go to Gravity Falls

Cherry and Atticus took the bus to a place they had never been to before, but heard it on various TV commercials. It was a place called Gravity Falls.

While they were riding, the bus stopped to let other people on.

"This place has a huge tourist attraction..." Cherry noticed how there would be many people coming on the bus to visit this mysterious place.

There came young twins on the bus, a boy and a girl, despite being summer, the girl seemed to be wearing a knitted wool sweater.

"Hello." Atticus said to the twins.

All four of them heard barking from Atticus's bag.

"You brought Patch?" Cherry asked, despite pets not being allowed on the bus.

"Cool, a barking backpack, I should ask Mom and Dad to let me have one for when we go back to school shopping!" the girl twin beamed, she seemed to spit slightly due to her braces.

"S-Sorry about that..." the boy seemed nervous around his twin sister.

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