Checkered Hearts
Checkered Hearts kelly severide stories

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Checkered Hearts

Rays of sunshine beamed into the white room, contrasting perfectly with the blue skies and marshmallow clouds.

Erin Lindsay-Halstead opened her eyes, smiling in a still half asleep state, feeling his arms wrapped around her.

She looked over her shoulder to see that Jay was still asleep, a look of peace on his handsome face, the sunlight bringing out the few freckles he had.

Even in his sleep, her husband looked so delicious, she simply had to lean in and give his lips the featheriest of pecks. When Erin pulled away, Jay was smiling.

"Good morning, beautiful."

"Hey yourself, sexy."

She got up to go to the powder room, but Jay pulled her back into bed, wrapping his arms and leg around her as she chuckled.

"Jay, I really have to go to the bathroom."

He laughed, his eyes still closed. "Just stay with me a few minutes longer." He nuzzled Erin's neck, his hands ran up and down the satin of her nightgown, arriving at her stomach.

"This little one is kicking up quite a storm."

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