Cheating Destiny
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Cheating Destiny

With a huff and a dramatic sigh, you shake your head to move your bangs from your eyes. It’s a particularly slow day, with little to no customers.

The ding of the bell hanging from the door rings, breaking through the silence as the glass door opens. You glance up, immediately grinning when two familiar faces walk through.

“Nice apron,” Riku notes with a nod and a smirk.

You glance down at the red apron tied around your waist.

“What’s wrong with it?” you ask, crossing your arms over your chest as you narrow your eyes at the silverette.

Riku shrugs slightly, the movement causing his hair to partially block his eye-line.

He had cut his hair almost immediately after arriving back at Destiny Islands, and had kept it rather short until recently.

He claimed that he got sick of short hair, so he decided to grow it out again… but you’re convinced he just missed the stares and giggles he gets from the ~ladies~ when his hair is longer.

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