Chasing Fairy Tales
Chasing Fairy Tales jensen ackles stories

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Chasing Fairy Tales

There were a couple of soulless eyes on his face day by day. He didn’t know how long he had been like that. But he didn’t care anymore. Everything would always be like that.

His life would never be as he wished. After all, was there anything left from a dead heart?

He raised his head to look at the blue sky above. He had used to love the sunlight in The Winchester Land and The Winchester Sea.

He had used to love the warmth coming from those lights on his skin. He had used to move his green fishtail and seawater would had blowing up from the ocean surface.

Sunlights and seawater would had combine together to create rainbow. And the one had used to be there.  The one had used to be there with him

The one had had dark brown hair with the bluest blue ever blue eyes. The one had used that powerful eyes which had been born to look deep in the soul of every creature to look at him.

The one had touched him with his small hands. And he would had slipped his skinny fingers into the one’s hair. They would had gently touched each other’s lips with their own ones.

Their kisses had been as salty as sea. He loved his life, he loved his sea, he loved the one. He used to love the one, he loved him so so much.

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