Chasing Dreams
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A written piece by carmillaandstuff adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Chasing Dreams


Carmilla quickly paced the length of the IKEA store once more, eyes darting down every aisle. She’d only needed to pick up a couch for her new apartment.

Carmilla had just moved to the town of Silas a week ago, and hadn’t realized how unprepared she had been for the move.

Her plan had been to simply run to the nearest store and pick up a big reclining chair, but Mother had insisted that Carmilla invest in a couch because,

“A Karnstein is always prepared for company!”, or some shit like that. Since her mother was staying in town until Carmilla was settled, she made a mad dash to the store.

However, much to Carmilla’s dismay, her younger brother, Will, insisted on helping pick out the new furniture.

At first Carmilla shot him down, his track record of getting her in trouble with their mother whenever they were together outweighed anything positive that could come from the experience.

But he insisted, saying that he would “be good this time” and “he’s a teenager now, not a child”.

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