Chasing Darkness
Chasing Darkness past attempted suicide stories

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Chasing Darkness

The car pulled up alongside the curb, stopping next to the short blonde girl.

“How much?” came a voice from the darkened interior.

“What you want? BJ’s are fifteen, fucking is forty,” she leaned her arm on the roof of the car to peer in the open window. “No buttfucking though. I don’t do that shit.”

“Get in.”

“Hey! Jonnie, I’m out. See ya back at the apartment, yah?” the girl yelled over her shoulder at a tall, dark haired girl standing against the brick wall.

“A’ight Carrie; be careful girl, you got it?”

“Yeah, yeah. Love you,” Carrie called as she climbed in the car slamming the door, her arm out the window waving into the night.

“What do we have?” Detective Derek Hale asked as he ducked under the police tape.

“Female caucasian, between fifteen and nineteen years old.

A woman walking her dog stumbled on the body this morning," the officer told him as he crouched down to peer at the body splayed on the grass.

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