Charmed - The Aftermath (Season 9 & 10)
Charmed - The Aftermath (Season 9 & 10) darryl morris stories

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Charmed - The Aftermath (Season 9 & 10)

The picture of the manor is present. It has this peaceful nature about it as the sun's rays basks it in complete beauty.

Within the manor, Piper, Phoebe and Paige are coming down the stairs and they are putting up with Phoebe's rambling.

"I don't know actually..." Phoebe states as she rushes down the stairs, " I feel like the future is already planned but I do not know where to begin."

"Phoebe, you're thinking too hard," Paige said as she is trying to catch up to Phoebe and Piper is trying to do the same.

They walk from the stairs into the foyer and then into the conservatory, " you should just to, you know, relax."

"Relax? Relax? How am I supposed to relax? With all the information we received from Wyatt and Chris, its kind of know?" Phoebe says in panic.

"We should have let Grams erase our memories before they left if we knew you were going to be like this." Paige joked. Phoebe throws a stern look in her direction and Paige's grin disappears.

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