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fanfic by theyknowkaee adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


As more people boarded the ferry, I turned to Jack. “I got the spoon,” I whispered, turning it around in my hand.

“and while I distract the poor bastard, you grab the wallet, I’ll give the money, and we get the hell out of Dodge before they notice. Got it? Good.

” We walked to the front of the boat, and I quickly scanned the audience.

“Ladies and gentlemen!” Jack shouted to the audience. The people looked at us, questioningly.

“We are the next greatest magicians, and we are prepared to give $100 dollars to anyone who can tell us how this trick is done.” I held up two $50 dollar bills.

The mention of money piqued everyone’s interests. I internally rolled my eyes. I almost felt bad for the person who tried to claim this prize. Keyword: almost.

Jack gestured to me as I held up the stolen spoon.

“This is an ordinary spoon from Mel’s Deli, right here in Brooklyn. Check it out.” I knocked the spoon against the railing of the boat.

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