Chaos Is Upon Us
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Chaos Is Upon Us

Charlie grew up in a small village with her dad, mom, and brother. Since the blackout, the world was in a constant state of disarray, scarred by the endless wars and shifting political powers.

Growing up in the Monroe Republic was certainly no piece of cake. The abusive and all powerful militia overtaxed and terrorized the population.

The girl had only a few pre-blackout memories: her birthday, visiting her new born brother in the hospital, ice cream, and her uncles.

As a child he hadn’t known that the blond man at her Uncle Miles’ side wasn’t actually his brother. She had always thought he was part of the family.

She vaguely remembered them coming over for the Holidays and for barbecues in the summer. Of course, the memories were all clipped and blurry.

She could find no pictures of them in the house and her parents never spoke about them. Asking about them was a bit of a taboo within the family.

Rachel explained to her daughter that it was because they had both died during the early years of the blackout, which obviously brought tremendous pain to Ben,

but also because the head of the militia happened to have the same name as her Uncle Miles.

“Naturally, we wouldn’t want other people to think we are associated with the Monroe government in any way”, explained Rachel to her children.

Young Charlie thought it made sense, but, as she grew up, she started questioning her mother’s words.

Erasing her Uncle altogether seemed quite an extreme thing to do, even if the Militia general bore the same name as her Uncle. The fact that there were no pictures of him disturbed her the most.

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