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Kerry stood in her entrance way and stared into her living room. It was chaos. A chaos that made her ER look orderly.

Her birth mother was lecturing her son in a loud voice, her ex-husband was nearly red yelling at Randi. Abby and Randi were giving as good as they got.

Luka was actually holding Randi back, barely keeping her from attacking Todd. Maggie had a slightly more gentle restraining arm around her daughter as well.

Even Carlos was in on the action as he was faced off against of all people, "Kim?"

Kerry still hadn't moved from the entrance way, even still had on her coat. She mumbled to herself, "First rule of an accident site, don't create more casualties. Including yourself.

" She waited for peple to cool down, but no one seemed to be even near that point.

Then her son burst into tears and Kerry couldn't observe anymore. She strode into the room and as she predicted half of the room was happy to see her, the other wasn't.

Then there was Henry and Kim. Henry dashed over to his mother and Kerry picked him up with only a little groan. "You're almost too big for this Henry. Hey, it's okay, it's okay."

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