Chaos & Kadaj
Chaos & Kadaj kunsel (compilation of ffvii) stories

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Chaos & Kadaj

Chapter 1

Kadaj felt the moment Sephiroth retreated from their shared body. While he welcomed the return of control, he felt bereft at the sudden emptiness. Mother and Sephiroth had both left him.

Alone. This was wrong. All wrong. Steeling himself, he turned to Cloud, the one who had ruined it all. He would end Cloud once and for all and then figure out how to bring Mother back again.

Using the last of his energy, Kadaj staggered to his feet, lunging abruptly at Cloud. His body gave out before the lunge was complete, exhausted from battle and mortally injured.

He was powerless to prevent himself from falling towards the ground. Failure. The word rang in his head. His worst fear. He had let Mother down – he was a failure.

Unexpectedly, Kadaj felt himself caught in strong, gentle arms rather than falling to the ground as he had anticipated. He looked up into clear blue eyes.

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