Changing Tides
Changing Tides strax (doctor who) stories

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A written piece by bgeiner adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Changing Tides

Clara Oswald was only 28 when she moved to the United States from England. She loved Blackpool, but she wanted to see the world and explore all that it had to offer.

After she graduated college, she tried to look for a nice city with a great education system so that she could use her newly attained degree of Early Childhood Education

Or so she told herself…

But Clara didn’t have time for self-doubt, she spent months looking for a suitable place to live but no options were sticking out.

She traveled to different cities to look for jobs personally and not relying on the Internet, but her hopes were crushed.

She almost gave up, almost agreeing with her Dad that ‘education is a failing field, why not go into law enforcement?’

“I need to clear my head”, she said. So she took to the streets, she didn’t know where she was going- as long as it was away from her life that was currently being flushed away.

She walked along the curb, hearing the cars go by against wet pavement. She hadn’t noticed the rain before, but luckily it was only a light drizzle.

She popped up her hood and kept walking, dim streetlights showing her the path through the night.

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